“All Things Even Out” Theory Not Working with MLB Postseason – Yet

It all evens out in the end. You hear that all the time. In baseball, I’m hoping that’s true, because if it is, we should be in for an amazingly exciting postseason since the regular season was so incredibly hum-drum this year. Unfortunately, the trend has continued as baseball fans nationwide are still waiting for some excitement, somehow, somewhere, to save what could possibly be the most boring year of baseball in decades.

bored-boredom-grab-your-destiny[1]Many baseball fans hitched their wagon on the possible excitement generated by the all-important wildcard play-in games. These were supposed to be tense, well-played games between two hot teams with the winner advancing and the loser going home battle for postseason advancement.

However, in the American League, Tampa Bay earned a berth in the American League Division Series with a 4-0 Wild Card Game victory over the Indians at Cleveland’s Progressive Field. Yes, the Indians, having won 10 in a row at the time, got shutout at home as viewers nationwide yawned in tandem.

Perhaps the National League game may have generated some level of excitement to offset the boring first game, you may have thought. After all, everything evens out. But no – the next day, the Pirates cruised to an easy 6-2 victory over the Reds that wasn’t even as close as the score indicated, costing Reds manager Dusty Baker his job in a game where few fingernails were bit.

At this point, baseball fans had suffered through a boring regular season, a boring AL Wild Card game, and a boring NL Wild Card game. Certainly the start of the postseason playoffs would make up for it all, right?

Well… no – In the official start of the postseason (the wild card play-in games were considered “regular season” games officially), first the Cardinals beat the Pirates 9-1, followed by the Dodgers shelling the Braves 6-1. The next day followed with the Pirates beating the Cards 7-1 and the Red Sox hammering the Rays 12-2. Seriously, what happened to excitement and the adrenaline rush of watching a tense baseball postseason classic?!?

I mean, things have to even up eventually, right? Let’s hope it happens soon, because I’m not ready to invest my time and energy into the start of the NHL or NBA seasons yet. Please… someone… give me a game!

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