Baxter Delivers the News – Mets Can’t Get Harvey a Win Despite 1-Hit Shutout

How many times in Major League history has a starter pitched a complete game 1-hit shutout and failed to win the game? It happened tonight to Matt Harvey as he was masterful against the Chicago White Sox in a game the Mets eventually won 1-0 in 10 innings. Not only was Harvey pitching a no-hitter with 2 outs in the seventh inning, but he also had a perfect game as well before Alex Rios barely beat out a grounder to end Harvey’s no-hit bid.

tedbaxterAnd we mean “barely”. It took a great play by Ruben Tejada just to make the play close, as Rios just beat the throw and Ike Davis slammed his glove into the ground in disgust, almost knowing that would be the only chance the Sox would have to get a runner on base with Harvey on the mound. It also proved our theory that players always know when a pitcher’s tossing a no-hitter, despite when they always say they had no idea in post-game interviews. Liars! Harvey K’ed 12 and lowered his ERA to a remarkable 1.28, but let me ask you something: can the Mets offense get one stinking run for this guy against the likes of Hector Santiago and Matt Lindstrom?!?! One measly run!?

I really hope this doesn’t become a habit with the lack of run support we are seeing the Mets give Harvey. After all, it must take it’s toll eventually. But then again, it looks like this Harvey kid has the makeup of a winner and won’t let it get to him – at least until he eventually becomes a free agent and Mets management tries to nickel him to death with an insulting contract offer.

Typical Mets. Leave it to them to not reward a pitcher for throwing a 1 hitter! But congrats goes out to Mike Baxter for driving in the big run in the 10th to make a winner out of Bobby Parnell. Ike Davis worked out a walk to start the inning. Then Juan Lagares successfully sacrificed him to second. Let’s stop right there for a second: Lagares bunted the runner over. Some call that “National League Baseball”. Others call it “fundamental baseball”. However, there are a lot of fans out there that call this “giving up an out” or “lame”.  Let’s stop that right now – here’s an excellent example of why bunting wins ballgames. Yes – unlike the ridiculously overrated stolen base, bunting is a winning play. A fundamental play. Those teams that DON’T employ the bunt in fundamental baseball strategic situations are badly managed and fans need to realize this. Good call by Terry, and better execution by Lagares (Wally Backman teaches them well in Las Vegas).

Enter Baxter, who smoked the ball to right-field to easily score Davis from second, and delivered the good news the Mets were waiting to hear: Mets win! It would have been nice to see Harvey get the credit, and even nicer to see the no-no, but we’re Mets fans, and we’ll take a win whenever possible. And that’s the news!

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