Closing the Book on a Very Boring and Bad Baseball Season

2013 will not go down in history as a great season for the New York Mets. But looking at the bright side, it really wasn’t a great season for many other clubs as well. In fact, the entire season has been a long yawnfest from a standings and excitement perspective, as each division was basically locked up months ago and the wildcard “race” lacked any element of surprise for the entire month of September.

boringbaseballseasonThe Red Sox, Tigers, A’s, Braves, and the Dodgers were pretty much etched in stone for the postseason at the All-Star break. The National League Central was the only division in all of baseball that resembled something of a contest, but it also was obvious that the Cards, Pirates, and Reds would all make the postseason in some form or another.

Most Mets fans interest in a pennant race ended before the season even started, and the team obviously had another bad year. In fact now that the Pirates are for real, the Mets and the Houston Astros are now the two teams who have gone the longest without a single winning season. At least the Astros have hope – they have no Wilpons to screw things up.

No doubt it’s hard being a fan of a loser organization, but that’s what we’re stuck with as long as the Wilpon’s own the team. As we’ve been stating all year long, that means the Mets are at least a DECADE away from just competing… not necessarily winning, but simply competing. That’s depressing, and unfortunately the truth, despite the unrealistic optimism of some fans and blog writers. And the reason for that is that the Mets organization tolerates incompetence at just about every level. It’ll never change with this organization.

Then again, as bad as this team is, their record already is better than what Vegas oddsmakers thought back in April. He won’t win many chess matches, but I guess you have to give Terry Collins some credit for winning over 70 games with the AAA team the Mets trot out each game. But as we mentioned earlier, it’s been a tough season for many other teams and baseball individuals as well:

  • It’s been a tough year for Bobby Valentine as he watches the Red Sox dominate the AL East with basically the same team he managed last year that was woeful. What does that say about his managerial skills? The Red Sox winning was the worst thing that could possibly happen to the legacy of Bobby V.
  • It’s been a tough year for the Orioles, who despite playing over .500 ball, have a team no one takes seriously. And when their firstbaseman hits 52 homeruns and drives in 137 runs, instead of being excited about it, everyone wonders what kind of steroids he’s using. Do they have to fire Buck Showalter to get to the next level, like Showalter’s last couple of teams have done?
  • It’s been a tough year for the Yankees, despite playing strong with a makeshift lineup that somehow won ballgames earlier in the year. But as soon as admitted PED user Alex Rodriguez stepped on the field in a Yankee uniform, all those championships, mystique, and aura all transformed themselves into embarrassment to the game of baseball. Next year will probably be tougher as the team will feel the real pain of losing a “lights out” closer. (Hint: it’ll be devastating)
  • It’s been a tough year for the Tampa Bay Rays, and they somehow made the postseason! Somehow, they languished and looked like a lost team until they decided to put together an amazing winning streak followed by an amazing losing streak. It’s hard to figure out this team, but in general, a team that plays poorly for 85% of the season and still wins 90 games means they should have been more fun to watch.
  • It’s been a really tough year for the Blue Jays, who “went for it” with some big trades, only to see Jose Reyes take down his 3rd team in 3 years. Coincidence? Then they found out R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball doesn’t work that well indoors. The result was a nightmare of a season for their players, manager, and fans with the Mets actually having a better record than them at this point. Thanks Jose!
  • It’s been another tough year for the Twins, so much so they got rid of fan favorite and one-time MVP Justin Morneau. They have nothing in the pipeline. They have no talent. And it’s cold up there in Minnesota. Mets fans, count your blessings!
  • It’s been a tough year for the White Sox. Ex-Met Robin Ventura “shut up” critics last year by putting up a decent win total for a rookie manager, then the league figured out the team and disaster ensued. When you finish last in the American League Central, you know you have problems – and the White Sox don’t have young strong arms to look forward to in the future either!
  • It’s been a tough year for the disappointing Texas Rangers too, even though they’re secretly happy they lost out on Josh Hamilton in the off-season. It looked like the team would hang strong there for awhile, but they just couldn’t sustain the amazing force that is the Oakland A’s and will finish short in the division, which based on previous years of winning, means the team underperformed.
  • it’s REALLY been a tough year for the preseason favorite American League Champion Angels, which based on expectations, should tell you all there is to tell about this team. Looks like Mike Scioscia may have worn out his welcome as only a managerial genius when he DOESN’T have superstar talent, which makes him first in line should the Mets ever start calling.
  • It’s been another tough season in Seattle for the Mariners, but it rains all the time there, everyone’s jacked on coffee, works for Microsoft, and really don’t care whether the team wins or doesn’t. So no one else will. Next…
  • It’s obviously been another tough season in Houston. The Astros were so bad last year, the National League kicked them out and made them play in the watered-down, DH using, American League where they lost even more games. The good news for Houston is they have a few decent players with potential. Remember a few short years ago the Tigers were the laughingstock of baseball and you see where they are now. Just keep the Wilpons away from this team and they’ll probably be alright.
  • It’s been a tough season in Washington with the Nationals, who still (and maybe never) will live down their decision to “play it scared” and shut-down” the best pitcher in baseball last year, just in case he got hurt. That’s a clown move, bro. The baseball gods don’t like it when you snub their noses, just like they don’t like it when you change your team name to placate the politically correct (just ask the powerful St. John’s “Redmen” what happened when they changed their name – they’ve been pathetic in all sports since). Plus add to the equation the “I can’t wait to retire” managerial style of the one-time great Davey Johnson and you have the makings of a team who can’t wait for the season to end.
  • It’s been a tough season for the Phillies too, although the only difference between their tough season and everyone else’s tough season is that no one has a shred of compassion for the Phillies playing badly. And even when they’re playing good baseball, their fans boo them out of the stadium so who really cares if this team underachieves or not? The problem is postseason isn’t the postseason without seeing Ryan Howard strike out in a big spot to end a series (okay… maybe seeing ARod do likewise).
  • It’s been a tough season for the Miami Marlins no doubt, except Marlin fans (if there even is such a thing) know that a World Series Championship can’t be far away, since the last two times they were this bad it took them only three years to win it all. Hear that, Mets fans? You mean you don’t have to rebuild for 20 years and still not have a winner?!
  • It’s been a really tough season in Milwaukee as they all found out their golden boy was really one of the worst steroid abusers in baseball history. No wonder Prince Fielder couldn’t wait to bolt from this bunch of losers with nothing on the horizon. Mets fans think they’re cursed, but unlike Brewer fans, the Mets may have some talent on the horizon (at least until their ownership screws that up too). Luckily for fans of he Brew Crew, there’s plenty of beer around for fans to bask in their misery.
  • It’s been another tough season in Chicago as the Cubs continue to give new meaning to the word “losers”. The Cubs are the biggest joke in all of baseball, maybe even sports, with losing season after losing season – but hey, as long as you get some b-list celebrity to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” offkey with nails-on-blackboard annoyance, everything’s fine, right? The Mets aren’t the only organization that tolerates incompetence, that’s for sure.
  • It’s been a tough season in Colorado, no doubt. The team’s so horrendous, they’re now looking to shop their top slugger in Tulo, and the only light at the end of the tunnel comes from the lighter for the fan’s marijuana joint.
  • It’s been a tough season for the reigning World Series Champion San Francisco Giants who now realize Angel Pagan is not Willie Mays, Pablo Sandoval isn’t Mike Schmidt, and Marco Scutaro isn’t even Italian. Remember when Tim Lincecum was dominating with the crazy hair and everyone was lovingly calling him “The Freak”? Now he’s pretty much done, so he had to cut his hair and look like a normal person so people would stop calling him a worthless a-hole. From first to almost worst in one year. Thank goodness for Colorado, right Giant fans?
  • It’s been a tough season in San Diego for the Padres. Wait, let me take that back – nothing’s ever bad when you live in San Diego. Who cares whether you win or lose when you have the beach, nightlife, gorgeous girls, and homes to die for when there are people living in Philadelphia? Tony Gwynn is a genius!
  • It’s been a tough season for the Diamondbacks, who thought they would win the division easily with a .500 record when the season started. Then the Dodgers reeled off an amazing month of baseball and celebrated by taking a swim in the D’Backs stadium pool. If the Dodgers continue to spend, Arizona will continue to finish in second with maybe a wildcard dream if the rest of the league tanks it. Oh, as I Mets fan, I wish we had that future!

in fact, if you’re looking for teams that actually had good seasons, you can only point to a few.

  • The Tigers had a pretty good season, despite losing Cabrera to injury for awhile and Justin Verlandeer coming back to Earth after losing Kate Upton forever.
  • The A’s had a pretty good season, winning games with smoke and mirrors, probably a result of a secret deal with the devil. Quick: name one Oakland A’s player. You can’t! I knew it!
  • The Cleveland Indians had a pretty good season, proving once again Terry Francona can perform miracles! This team somehow made the postseason, and I’m not betting against anyone who can win in both Philly and especially breaking the Curse of the Babe with a Red Sox World Series victory, let alone two!
  • The Red Sox had a pretty good season, as doing anything to stick it to Bobby Valentine as mentioned previously must make those crazy accented Boston fans giddy with happiness. First place in the AL East isn’t bad either.
  • The Braves had a pretty good season, finishing first as predicted with a team completely devoid of baseball fundamentals. Don’t ask about the other picks, but picked them to win the World Series this year, but that was because of a great pitching staff and a Mariano-like closer. We had no idea how bad the Upton brothers really were and ignored the strikeout¬† prone nature of the entire team, especially Dan Uggla. But they won the NL East anyway and should be sending out Christmas cards to all members of their division for being so bad.
  • The Dodgers had a really good season, despite being one loss away from firing Don Mattingly, who finally made it to the postseason after years of cursing teams from postseason berths as a player and coach. The season turned around for them after signing a “can’t miss” kid who defected from his country under terrible circumstances. Perhaps the Mets can do the same by signing Jose Abreu in the off-season, an acquisition that the front office to date has termed “risky”. Jason Bay thinks they are right.
  • The Cardinals had another really good season by continuing to do everything right and showing all of MLB exactly how to run a franchise. I hated this team in the 80′s “Whitey Hedgehog” days. I mean I really hated them – worst than I’ve ever hated the Braves or that Philly team everyone hates. Look at this team… how do they do it? No big names, no big contracts, LaRussa leaves, Pujols leaves, Carpenter gets hurt all the time, players get injured, but they keep winning. They’re amazing. This is a team you don’t mind routing for. No wonder players across the country say their fans are the “most polite” in all of baseball.
  • Pittsburgh had a great season. Actually it was a good season by most respects – a “great” season by their standards. They finally posted a winning record after almost 20 years of futility. Just think, the last time they had a winning season, ARod had just started taking PEDs in small doses, it’s been that long! Pittsburgh is managed by ex-Met Clint Hurdle, who wasn’t hired as the Mets manager because the front office felt he “couldn’t relate to young players to get the best out of them”. These days, it doesn’t take much to make a laughing stock of the Mets, but when Pittsburgh laughs at you, you’re really in trouble.
  • And once again, Cincinnati had a good season too, although it won’t matter as manager Dusty Baker will undoubtedly do something stupid, causing them to lose in the postseason as a favorite to win the series – like he always does. When your highest ranking city official does this, you really can’t hope to win anything or be taken seriously.

So as of our count, out of baseball across the entire USA, only 9 teams had good seasons this year and everyone else was pretty pathetic. That really doesn’t make for an interesting and exciting baseball season, now does it? So, cheer up Mets fans, you have company and some teams have it even worse.

All the Mets need is new ownership, new minor league scouts, a better medical staff, a good manager and coaching staff, a first baseman, a shortstop, a catcher that isn’t overrated and can hit, a second baseman that can field, two fundamentally sound power outfielders, a proven closer, three live arms in the bullpen, two starters to replace the current starters that will most likely get injured, and the money resources to get it all done.

So bring on the postseason! Let’s hope it makes up for a season that can only be described as numbingly boring gut wrenching baseball. Good thing for us Mets fans we have the best TV and Radio announcing crew in all of baseball on the WFAN! … oh wait…

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