Dare We Say It – Is Mets Closer Position Solidified with Bobby Parnell?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Bobby Parnell looks to have developed into a solid … I’m sorry, I just can’t finish that sentence. I really want to say he’s proven us all wrong and has the makings of a real major league closer. But I know if I dare finish that sentence, I’ll probably be rewarded with 3 games in a row of blown saves or something to make me want to take it back.

parnelldontSomething’s just telling me I better not go so far as to truly buy into Parnell as a light’s out closer, for surely pain is in my future to do so, right? But Parnell really was awesome in closing out the Cubs in today’s 4-3 comeback victory in Wrigley for his sixth save of the year. Combine that with a stellar 0.93 ERA and you’ve got the makings of an elite closer. Not only did he pitch another 1-2-3 ninth inning, but he struck out two batters and made them look foolish in the process as well. Oh, and he’s got a 4-0 record too.

Now I’m tempted to say “well, it’s only the Cubs”, but Parnell’s had success this year against the first place Cardinals, the Braves, the White Sox, and the improving Pittsburgh Pirates, so he has faced stiff competition. Yes, it’s true, the signs all point to him somehow transforming himself into the closer the Mets always thought he’d become.

I’m just going to say it: Parnell’s a keeper! Let’s hope his success continues throughout the year. Scratch off “closer” from the long list of holes the Mets need to fill on this team to contend. And way to go Mets with a nice comeback victory! (how interesting is it that the Mets showed some heart in a game without Ike Davis in the lineup, huh?)

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