Delaying Reality is FUN!

What can you say? After another Opening Day win (the Mets have the best Opening Day record in baseball since their inception), the Mets sit undefeated and in first place in the NL East. Listen, we all know what’s in store for this team this year. Just for now, just for today, let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.

201304011508544843490-p2[1]Jon Niese reminded us how insane some fans and “experts” where about wanting to trade him in the offseason with another “Niese-like” performance (and that’s a good thing!) to earn his first victory of the season. Will he win 20? Well, that depends – can the Mets score 11 runs every game?

And speaking of runs, how about that Colin Cowgill? 2 for 5 with an Opening Day Grand Slam, only the second in the history of the Mets! Marlon Byrd had 2 hits and drove in 2 and Lucas Duda got on base twice with walks. What was that we were all saying about the Mets outfield? (Remember, we’re delaying reality here)

I really don’t want to hear the “well, it’s only the Padres” argument either. Granted they are bad, but still, as we’ve said over and over throughout the years, the secret to a solid baseball season is to win the games you’re supposed to win. Opening Day with Niese on the mound against an inferior opponent should translate into a win – and the Mets did just that! An all-around great day for the Mets and their fans (other than “Golden Sombrero wearing Ike Davis – but we’re not concerned… yet)

Oh and did we mention the Yankees lost on the exact same day, at the exact same time, in the exact same city? Gotta love those schedule makers!


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