Fun Times in Las Vegas Watching Mets AAA Affiliate Las Vegas 51s Minor League Games

There’s tons of things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling, such as going to Cashman Field and watching the Las Vegas 51s play baseball. The 51s are the New York Mets AAA affiliate and going to a game is always affordable and a lot of fun – especially when it’s dollar beer night. $1 Beer Nights are usually Thursday night home games for the 51s and in this game the Las Vegas 51s beat the Express 6-5 in an exciting game with Josh Satin driving in the game winning run.

51sgirlIf the Mets can’t win at CitiField, at least their AAA affiliate can win one of their home games in Vegas. Unlike in New York when you’d normally cringe when you see the lineup card, Kirk Nieuwenhuis batted first with Collin Cowgill batting in the second spot in the game – but no question Josh Satin was the hero of the game.

Who isn’t a fan of the Las Vegas 51s Josh Satin? Watch this video as he drives in the game winning run in the bottom of the 8th inning in the 51s come-from-behind 6-5 victory over the Express at Cashman Field in Las Vegas on 5/9/13. Satin will never come up to bat without the fans chanting his name, although probably not as he pronounces it!

And it doesn’t hurt that it was also $1 Beer Night! Dollar Beer Night is one of the most popular promotions on the 51s schedule, so if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas looking for something to do, make sure you make it down to Cashman Field for a Thursday night game and watch moments like these live for yourself.

Many 51s fans at the game were sporting pretzel necklaces from Pretzel Madness who always seem to do their part promoting, as well as craft beer from the “I Love Beer” Show. If you’re a craft beer drinker, or just like to attend $1 Beer Nights at Cashman Field, text BEER to 69302 to get special show updates. Make sure you “like” their fanpage on Facebook too!

Why aren’t you at the next 51s home game!?!? – They’re out of this world! And for now, they still have Zach Wheeler on the roster (Vegas’ answer to Matt Harvey). Can a Mets game be more exciting? Maybe it’s time to consider a move to Vegas?

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