I’m Telling My Friend Harvey

That’s it. Let it be known that the Mets will be no one’s doormat this season when they can send Matt Harvey to the mound every 5 days. Harvey was brilliant yesterday, dominating the hapless Padres allowing just one hit over 7 innings while striking out 10 en route to an 8-4 victory to continue the Mets perfect season so far.

How did the Padres score 4 runs? Harvey was lifted after just seven innings and enter the Mets bullpen. Why a perfectly healthy 23 year old can’t go nine innings these days is beside me – especially as we see pitcher after pitcher league-round going down and getting injured despite being babied by the ridiculous and totally irrelevant “pitchcount”. Please… stop the nonsense, someone!

And on another note: please, Mets coaching staff, please, I beg of you: do not – I repeat – DO NOT try to “fix” anything about this kid. With his mental approach to the game, combined with his physical talent, Harvey’s for real. A special pitcher like him doesn’t come around often – in fact, in the past 30 years, I can think of one: Doc Gooden. And while Doc Gooden was dominating hitters, the Mets coaching staff decided he wasn’t holding runners on first close enough, changed his delivery and Gooden was never the same. Leave Harvey be.

Now, let’s talk hitting. 400-hitting Lucas Duda, sombrero-wearing Ike Davis, and John Buck all blasted homers in the game. The Mets have now scored 19 runs in the first two games of the season. The offense is clicking… the defense has been great… the pitching’s outstanding… We say “bring on Harvey!”

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