Matt Harvey – Enjoy it While You Can Mets Fans

In today’s 3-2 victory over the Cubs, Matt Harvey once again proved the validity of our 20% Theory of Mets games as he won for the fifth time this season against no loses – but he basically had to do it all himself, as not only did he retire 17 of the last 18 batters he faced, but also drove in the game winner with an RBI single in the seventh.

He struck out 6, and all six ended innings for the Cubs, one of very few teams that actually have a worse outlook on the future than the Mets do.. but that’s another story. The story for today is the shock felt across Mets-land when Terry Collins actually lifted Harvey in the eighth to hand the game over to the Mets bullpen. I mean, really, does that make any sense? Is there anyone in the Mets bullpen better than Harvey? And sure enough, the first (and only) batter Rice pitched to laced a single that would have tied up the game if the Mets were playing any other team than the Cubs.

factsMatt Harvey has the makeup of a pitcher that needs to stay in the game at these junctures. Rice pitches to one hitter, almost blows the win for Harvey, and he gets credited with a “hold” without recording an out. Meaningless statistics, anyone? At least Bobby Parnell earned his “save” by pitching a 1-2-3 ninth, although we can thank the wonderful forces of nature for somehow keeping Anthony Rizzo’s fly ball deep to right-center in the confines of Wrigley.

It’s amazing the Mets held on to win this one for Harvey’s record. And make no mistake – he’s aware of this trend of lack of run support and no-decisions. It doesn’t take the mind of Columbo to see into the future about what’s in store for us Mets fans regarding Harvey:

  • FACT: We’ve already proven that the Mets are at least a decade away of contending – not winning – just merely contending as long as the Wilpons own the team. In fact, the Mets will probably never win another World Series as long as the Wilpons own the team.
  • FACT: There’s absolutely no chance the Wilpon’s are selling this team because I’m writing this and you’re reading this. In other words, we fans have Metsfanitus and are constantly putting money into their pockets and only a hard-stance boycott of the team will force their hand – and they know it. It’ll never happen.
  • FACT: Plus, as long as the Wilpons have co-conspirators in high places, Major League Baseball will never force them to sell the team either, so get that out of your mind right away.
  • FACT: Mets ownership tolerates (and many times rewards) incompetence from all levels of their organization, from the medical staff to their PR directors to their minor league player development to their executives to their coaching staff to their media blog writers to the actual players themselves on the field. Do we really need to get into details about this point?
  • FACT: Matt Harvey is a competitor and doesn’t like to lose. He has to see what’s going on here, where he once again pitches to little run support and has to drive in runs himself to avoid no-decisions, and then rely on a shaky bullpen that by some miracle today didn’t blow the game for him. How much of this can he take before major frustration kicks in?
  • FACT: Harvey has a bright future in baseball and desires stats to back him up as a force to be reckoned with. Anyone can clearly see he will not be able to accomplish this with the Mets in the long-run, given the facts above. It all hinges on the Wilpons really.

CONCLUSION (maybe): Matt Harvey (in the back of his mind RIGHT NOW) is counting the days when he can cash in on a great contract and a good offensive team. He will be looking for any way possible to bolt from the frustration that is this low scoring, woefully pathetic Mets team. Let’s face it, there’s really no reason why he isn’t 8-0 right now. Actually, that’s not true: I can think of about 8 reasons – Number 1 through 8 in the batting order.

Simply put, Mets fans really need to enjoy Matt Harvey every single time he steps on the mound wearing a Mets uniform. We have something special going on here right now, but unfortunately, I can’t see this happening when the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels or Rangers come calling. Especially when Terry Collins lifts him for the likes of the Mets bullpen regardless of the meaningless pitch-count or whatever dangerous offensive situation the mighty Cubs may present. Put yourself in Harvey’s shoes. How much of this could YOU take? Enjoy it while it lasts folks…

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