Mets Can’t Get Over “Harvey Fernandez” Syndrome with another Marlin’s Sweep at Citi

Saturday’s Mets game with Matt Harvey going against the Marlin’s Jose Fernandez took 6 hours and 35 minutes to complete, a 2-1 Marlins victory that went 20 innings, the longest game in the history of CitiField. It was reminiscent of 3 years ago when the Mets went 20 innings against the Cardinals on April 17th, 2010. They won that game, by the way, but that 2010 team that won 79 total games on the season was way better than the charade the Mets are currently masquerading as major leaguers.

metssinkingBut do you know what happened the last time Matt Harvey faced Jose Fernandez? The game went a long, boring 15 innings on April 29th in Miami (the Marlins won that game too, go figure!). Hence the syndrome “Harvey Fernandez”, which generally is said to apply to any situation involving long lasting affairs of zero offense, little scoring, mind-numbing boredom, and complete incompetence to the task at hand.

While mostly referenced in baseball related matter, “Harvey Fernandez” syndrome has also been diagnosed in people’s sex lives as well. But in general, whenever you see the words “Harvey” and “Fernandez” together, you’re pretty much insured of a long day, afternoon, or evening. Those fans watching the entire 20 inning marathon are also at risk of Metsfanitus, so it’s imperative that you consult with your psychiatrist before purchasing any tickets to future games. It’s probably not easy being Harvey Fernandez these days. (that’s a joke, folks, we really don’t know the guy).

So what happened after the 20 inning yawnfest? The Mets hooked up with the Marlin’s again today to drop yet another extra inning game, allowing the Marlins to continue their sweep-streak of the Mets. This time, the Mets proved their 18 innings of consecutive “zeroes” on the scoreboard were a fluke when they scored in the first inning, and again in the second to build a seemingly insurmountable 4-1 lead that surely would result in victory against a last place team, right? Wrong! “Harvey Fernandez” syndrome hits hard on the bullpen, the worst part of every single baseball team by definition. And since we declared Bobby Parnell as the “real deal”, he’s been anything but! Sorry, folks, that one’s on us.

But don’t worry Mets fans: At least LaTroy Hawkins was credited with his fourth “hold” of the season! That’s what we have to look forward to as “Harvey Fernandez” kicks in for the rest of the year. How many no-decisions are in #33′s future before the Mets front office (or Matt Harvey himself!) decides enough is enough? How much more of this no-scoring, bad fundamental baseball can we fans take?

Simply put: this 2013 Mets team is amazingly bad, perhaps the worst in their history now that the term “loveable losers” doesn’t apply any more in the 2013 sports lexicon. You could get away with that in the 60s, but not now – there’s too much money and media to laugh off losses. We must call it like it is: the Mets STINK! And despite what you hear from the front office, the future’s not bright – and certainly not bright enough to “contend” in 2014, 15, or 16 (maybe longer?).

Next time Matt Harvey matches up with Jose Fernandez, skip the game, fly to Los Angeles and play a round of golf instead. After your day is over, you’ll still be able to catch the last out of the game when the Mets go down 1-2-3.

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