Mets Face True Test of Character with Potential Sweep of Yankees

Tonight’s Mets game is big for so many reasons. How nice would it be to sweep the dreaded Yankees, on their home field no less? But there’s also a big downside to tonight’s game – and that’s the potential for apathy to seep into the team’s psyche.

metssweepyankeesMaybe apathy isn’t the right word, but there’s no question the Mets have exceeded just about everyone’s expectation for this Subway Series by taking the first three games in dramatic fashion. It would be very easy for a team mindset to sink in that says “we’re playing with house money here, losing today wouldn’t be that bad”. And while true, I really hope the team comes out fiery today and plays a strong game, despite the tendency to think “3 out of 4 isn’t bad”.

It’s the “kick you while you’re down” killer instinct that Keith Hernandez and other Champions always displayed on the field when they played. Do these Mets have it? I don’t know. And I’m not saying they’re going to mail it in today… I just hope they don’t.

Is there really any Mets fan who’s going to complain if the Mets don’t win tonight? No, of course not. In the same way, I’m sure there isn’t a player on the roster who will be too upset if the team loses as well. We’re way happy with owning the city for a few months as a result of this guaranteed Subway Series win (which the Mets have obviously accomplished so far). Let’s just not see an 11-0 final where the Mets go down meekly with 3 total hits or something similar. If they play a hard fought game, win or lose, I think they’ll pass the test of what this team is capable of when facing complacency.

We’ve already seen complacency play rear its ugly head earlier this season. I’m happy, but I’m not satisfied. I want this win tonight. The players should want it to. Let’s Go Mets! Get it done!

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