Mets Fan Video of Jordany Valdespin’s Extra Inning Walkoff Grand Slam Homer at CitiField

Seeing how there’s not much good news to report about the New York Mets as they continue to get humiliated at home versus the hated Phillies, so let’s turn back the clock a few days for a highlight from a happier time.

Way back on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 – which seems like ages ago – the Mets beat the Dodgers in 10 innings when Jordany Valdespin hit the Mets first walk off grand slam since 1991. The comeback win took Matt Harvey off the hook when David Wright singled to tie the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Here’s a video of Valdespin’s Grand Slam from a Mets fan who attended the game at CitiField and the celebration that erupted afterwards:

Thanks for the video, Chef Q! Do you have any videos you’d like to share with the club? Post them to the Facebook fan page here. Thanks and Lets Go Mets!

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