Mets Fans Place Ike Davis on “Bay Watch” After Doubleheader Loss to Rockies

As the old saying goes, the baseball season doesn’t really start until the Colorado Rockies thoroughly embarrass the New York Mets. Last April, the 64-98 Rockies crushed the Mets in Colorado 18-9, then swept them in four games at CitiField later in the season. The year before that – when the Rockies went 73-89, they swept another four-game series with the Mets at Citi, which included an embarrassing doubleheader sweep similar to what we witnessed yesterday.

metsbaywatchThe Mets had nice leads in both games, but due to bad fielding, bad pitching, bad hitting, bad base-running, bad managing, bad fundamentals, bad weather and of course, lack of overall talent, the Mets days of playing “over .500 baseball” are quickly coming to an end. It’ll probably end with today’s game since neither Harvey nor Niese are pitching. And we mean bad as in “bad”, not as in a good “bad”.

While it’s obviously still a small sample size, Mets fans after the game officially placed Ike Davis on “Bay Watch”, a list no ballplayer wants to be on. “Bay Watch” was coined by Mets fans last year as an homage to that great outfielder Jason Bay, who hovered around most of the season hitting about .150 before tearing it up to finish at .165 – all without injury!

First it was the “Mendoza Line” to signify baseball futility. But thanks to Bay, now when a player struggles to hit .150, they are said to be on “Bay Watch”. And amazingly, Davis is taking “Bay Watch” to an even higher (or lower) level with his .136 batting average after going just 6 for 44 to start the season. Thirteen of those at-bats have been strikeouts and the only time he’s hit the ball hard was his monster homerun which was basically meaningless. He also has 2 rbis so far mostly hitting fourth.

It’s a drastic move, no doubt, but “BayWatch” status was the only option, we had no choice. While we’re always one to try to keep perspective, Ike’s really looking lost at the plate and has officially become a concern. Usually you’ll see some sign of hope of getting off BayWatch eventually, maybe a hard hit ball or an out resulting from an outstanding defensive play, but with Davis’ play lately, I think we’re in it for the long run.

Blame the cold Colorado weather and ridiculous baseball playing conditions if you’d like, but Ike’s play must improve or the Mets are in more serious trouble than we thought. And that’s really bad.

Somewhere, Jason Bay is laughing.

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