Mets Fans See Best and Worst of David Wright Within 24 Hours

Mets fans are constantly getting on David Wright for his lack of “clutchness” in key at-bats. And when you sign a player to a monster contract in the off season and then make him “captain” of the team, obviously much is expected. Over the past 24 hours, Mets fans have now seen the best and the worst from David Wright against the Dodgers at CitiField.

Photo courtesy of Robert Sabo/New York Daily NewsLet’s start out with the good. In last night’s 7-3 Mets extra inning victory, it wasn’t Jordany Valdespin’s grand slam home run that amazed the Mets fans in attendance and watching on TV. David Wright’s unbelievably clutch hit that tied the score in the bottom of the ninth was way more impressive. After all, all Spin needed to do was hit the ball in the air for the Mets to win the game, and hit it he did with the Mets first grand slam walkoff since Kevin McReynolds did it way back in 1991. The Mets were down 3-2 with two outs when David Wright came to bat immediately after a horrible at-bat by Daniel Murphy, who fouled out to third with a chance to tie the game. On the first pitch he saw from Dodger closer Brandon League, Wright hit a hard liner to right-center to tie the game.

That’s the ultimate definition of clutch: if you DON’T come through, your team loses the game. And Wright delivered in a key spot with the Mets down to their final out. Amazing!

But the bad news is the Mets and Wright had to play another game today, with completely polar opposite results. This time the Mets lost to the Dodgers by a 3-2 score when the Mets easily could have won it had Wright just hit the ball in the eight inning. With the score tied at one, Tejada singled to open the inning and Daniel Murphy then drew a walk. First and second, no one out and Wright about to come to the plate. Talk about a momentum killer when the Captain then struck out! Granted there were still two outs to go, but the general consensus at that exact point of the game was that any good momentum the team had was dead and the Mets would probably lose the game. Sometimes there are key at-bats in games that make all the difference in the world. This time, David Wright looked horrible in that situation and the team basically lost the game right then and there.

It’s like that old saying: “if you know you’re going to strike out, bunt the runners over instead!” Of course we’re kidding with that, but once again we saw the futile David Wright that many Mets fans feel we consistently get when the pressure’s on and the game’s on the line. Tuesday was a pleasant surprise. Let’s hope there’s more of that during the rest of the season.

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