Mets Go from Sweeper to Sweepee in 72 Pathetic Hours

Well, that feeling of Mets euphoria didn’t last long, did it? On the heels of sweeping the Yankees, the Mets lied down and played dead against the mighty Florida Marlins, who seem to have a knack of beating the Mets whether they’re good or bad (the Marlins that is, the Mets are always bad).

metsbagsThere’s no sense in going through all the pathetic details. Just re-read all the articles written regarding the Yankee series, and where it says “Yankees”, replace that with “Mets” and where it says “Mets” replace that with “Marlins”. That’ll make it easy.

One thing though: please don’t tell us you were one of those pie-in-the-sky Mets fans who started thinking about the team playing .500 ball, right? Please don’t tell us that! Poor Mets fans. Poor delusional Mets fans. Want some hard hitting reality?

- Terry Collins is a really bad manager but it doesn’t matter because the team is so pathetic.

- There isn’t ANYONE playing in the outfield on this team that could sniff a major league roster anywhere else. To complain about players like Valdespin not getting playing time is completely useless and pointless.

- Matt Harvey is not Tom Seaver. Not yet, anyway. People please!

- There’s a really good possibility the Mets were fleeced with Zach Wheeler. Constantly getting beat up in AAA is not a good sign.

- Travis d’Arnaud is NOT the answer. He’s not Bryce Harper or Mike Piazza. Seriously…

Whether you like it or not, that is the reality of the situation. Like we said in a previous post, we have NO IDEA how the Mets swept the Yankees, but we enjoyed it. Now here it is 72 hours later, and we’re reduced to watching the 51s play in Las Vegas. These Mets are a decade away AT LEAST from playing contending baseball.

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