Mets Hit New Low with Signing of Ankiel

Have the Mets finally hit rock-bottom? The team has now been reduced to signing the scraps of the Houston Astros with today’s signing of Rick Ankiel. A player that couldn’t cut it with the Houston Astros has now been signed by the Mets to play centerfield. The Houston Astros!?!? … By far the worst team in baseball today, and the Mets are dumpster diving?!? This has to be one of the lowest points we’ve experienced in quite some time, and that’s saying something. What’s even sadder is that we predicted this would happen, although it look a bit longer than we thought.

rbankAbout a year and half ago when the Mets were looking for bargain basement players to patrol the outfield, Ankiel’s name came up in trade talks. We immediately pegged him out to be a strikeout-prone, thin-skinned, fundamentally flawed loser of a ballplayer – in other words, exactly the kind of player the Wilpons love! We predicted then and there that Ankiel would be on the Mets before the trade deadline. We got tons of email and comments on that post, including “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “no one can be that stupid and think the Mets would actually sign a player like Ankiel”, “Ankiel’s horrible – no self respecting team would sign this piece of garbage”, and so on and so on. And we’ll admit it – We were wrong… then. But unfortunately, like so many other predictions we’ve reluctantly made and have been proven correct, we ended up being right again in the long-run.

When postseason goat and washed up closer Jose Valverde becomes a Met before the end of the year, we’ll have been right on that one too. But as of today, Ankiel is a Met. He’ll wear number 16, a number once worn by Dwight Gooden, who incidentally is a better hitter than Ankiel currently is.

The signing of Ankiel is also a kick in the pants to us fans who may actually believe in the Mets “rebuilding plan” since the team had to send Andrew Brown back to Las Vegas to make room on the team for Ankiel. We all know what Ankiel can do – and it’s not pretty. It’ll be something like what you’ll see in an Ike Davis at-bat these days. We really don’t know what Brown can do (wow… I just felt myself going into a UPS commercial there for a minute), but if you’re rebuilding, why not find out? When fans clamor for the likes of Captain Kirk and “More Cowgill”, you know things are pretty ugly in the Mets outfield. But we all predicted this and saw it coming, right?

That’s why this signing shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Perhaps one of the most fundamentally flawed players in all of baseball, Ankiel wasn’t good enough for the woefully pathetic Houston Astros, so the Mets signed him to play centerfield for a major market team in New York. That’s rock bottom if you ask us. Any questions?

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