Mets Loss Exposes Disturbing Team Mindset

Remember when Colin Cowgill hit a grand slam the other day? He’s 0 for 7 since. Remember when David Wright was lighting up the World Baseball Classic as “Captain America”? After today, he’s hitting .200 on the year. Remember the last two games when people started thinking Lucas Duda was putting it all together this year? He “K”ed three times today looking foolish. Remember when Met fans were thinking maybe the outfield isn’t as bad as people mets6thought they were going to be? Today they went a collective 0 for 12 … against the Padres… against Eric Stults, he of the career 5.25 ERA.

But all these stats pale in comparison to a disturbing trend we all witnessed at CitiField today which has the potential to doom this team from EVER seriously competing: The Mets seemed uninterested in playing today.

Almost as if they were satisfied with winning two out of three. And that’s EXACTLY what they were thinking – today’s game didn’t matter because they had already exceeded expectations and winning the overall series was “good enough”. Seriously, ask Keith Hernandez about this line of thinking. A mindset that “settles” will NEVER win in the Major Leagues. Ever! This is a very disturbing observation, no doubt and I fear for the team’s future if this continues.

Today’s game with Dillon Gee on the mound against a deflated San Diego team was completely winnable if the team collectively came to the table ready to play. They didn’t. The perceived lack of urgency or interest displayed in this game should sound a loud alarm in the mind of Terry Collins that the team needs to take the field with the mindset to win EVERY game! And not be satisfied with previous results.

Are we overreacting? Maybe, but make no mistake – an attitude of “being satisfied” will never bring a team to the next level, especially an impressionable young team that someday soon will hopefully make a statement. Let’s hope that statement isn’t “oh well, at least we took 2 out of 3″.

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