Mets, Media – Get Some Perspective, Please!

“Prisoner of the Moment” syndrome is alive and well all over Major League Baseball, but especially prevalent with those talking about the New York Mets. “Prisoner of the Moment” is when something interesting happens, and everyone overreacts to the situation, many times causing unwarranted expectations. So far this season, we’ve heard the following from the mainstream sports media and the ex-player “experts” reporting the “news”:

  • Roy Halladay is done and will never be the same
  • Josh Hamilton’s lost it
  • The Mets fleeced the Blue Jays with the R.A. Dickey trade as his Cy Young Award season was a fluke.

And some as they relate to the Mets:

  • Collin Cowhill needs to play everyday
  • John Buck is the offensive force the Mets have been lacking since Mike Piazza.
  • Ruben Tejada’s defense is a problem
  • Matt Harvey is the new Justin Verlander

Talk about a small sample size! Please, people, let’s get some perspective here! The truth is that everyone tends to over-react to situations both good and bad. Should Matt Harvey be spoken about in the same sentence as Verlander, King Felix, and Stephan Strasberg as baseball analyst Curt Schilling suggests? Maybe – someday soon, but not today.

dwight-gooden[1]Does Doc Gooden have a point when he says he’s never seen a young pitcher of that caliber come out of the NY Mets minor league system? He’s only pitched two games this year so far!!! (And has he ever heard of a guy named “Tom Seaver” by the way?) Besides, who cares what ex-Yankees say anyway?!

Let’s let Matt Harvey be Matt Harvey and just enjoy his starts without proclaiming him as the next Mets pitching savior. We all remember what happened to Gooden. And we’re not wishing that on anybody, believe us. The point is, we need to be realistic and enjoy the moment.

The good news for Mets fans is that there’s nothing wrong with Ruben Tejada’s defense. He had a few bad games – bad APRIL games at that – who cares? Yet the Mets and Mets fans are sounding the emergency siren that he’s not the shortstop of the future and things have to change immediately because he’s so bad in the field. It’s a total over-reaction!

More good news for Mets fans: Ike Davis is still good. So he’s getting off to an atrocious start. Didn’t he do that last year too and still put up pretty decent numbers? Compared to the rest of the lineup, trust us Ike Davis is not going to be the problem in the long run.

Now the bad news for the over-reacting, Prisoner of the Moment, Mets fans and analysts: Collin Cowgill and the rest of the Mets outfield is bad. Really bad. Now we’re not complaining about the outfield’s hot start, but who in their right mind wants to bet money that it’ll continue? Yet you have people everyday adamant that Cowgill needs to start every game and is a Mookie Wilson “with power”. Really? Talk about an overreaction to one grand slam home run! And it’s not just Mets fans – the Media’s on the Cowgill bandwagon too!

And guess what? John Buck won’t break any RBI or homerun records. Granted he’s a major upgrade over everyone the Mets had behind the plate last year combined, but real Met fans think this guy is going to put up Piazza and/or Gary Carter numbers. He won’t. That’s just reality.

Stop thinking and just enjoy what’s going on in the moment. Reality and logic dictates that it can’t continue much longer, both good and bad. Seven games is a really small sample size, and we say that for the entire league, not just the Mets.

The lack of perspective we see in sports these days is startling! Lets go Mets and hope for the best, but do you really think the Mets are going to win 92 games and lock up their division by 4 games this year and go deep into the postseason?

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