Mets Promote Juan Legares from Las Vegas 51s – Is Josh Satin and Wilmer Flores Next?

The Mets certainly have some talent in their AAA minor league affiliate with the Las Vegas 51s. Not surprisingly, the team just promoted Juan Legares from the 51s to join the team probably tonight against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Legares was tearing up AAA pitching to the tune of a .348 average with 3 homeruns and nine RBI in 17 games for the 51s so far this season.

And it’s about time. Can we just stop with this Kirk Nieuwenhuis disaster and realize once and for all that’s he’s just not a major league player? Sending him to AAA will NOT help him “get things in order” because he’s just not capable of it in the first place. He’s probably a great guy in real life, but on the baseball diamond, he just can not and will never cut it. Why doesn’t anyone else out there “get” this?

On the other hand, we’ve been to a number of 51s games this year and have to tell you that not only does Legares look good, but Josh Satin and Wilmer Flores look even better as far as raw baseball skills are concerned.

Satin has been on fire (yes pun intended there) hitting .344 with 4 homeruns and 12 rbis while playing a solid first base for the 51s. Here he is slugging a double in a recent Thursday night “Dollar Beer Night” game at Cashman field:

And although Wilmer Flores’ stats aren’t as impressive as Legares or Satin’s, you can tell just by watching him in that 10-6 victory over the Sacramento Rivercats that he’s a real deal eventual major leaguer. If he can play 2nd or short, that would be great for the Mets. Or maybe he’ll make great trade bait for another “real” outfielder or solid starting pitcher?

It’s nice having season tickets to the Las Vegas 51s – you’re the first to know that the Mets are looking at a bright future. Nothing can go wrong now…



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