Mets Still Seeing Red Over Beltran Deal and Others

In case you missed it last night, Carlos Beltran drove in all three runs for the Cardinals in their 13-inning walkoff victory over the Dodgers in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. Beltran now has the highest postseason slugging percentage in the history of Major League Baseball. He also has the highest OPS in playoff history, the all-time playoff lead in batting average and the all-time postseason lead for on-base percentage as well.

Yes, THAT Carlos Beltran – the same Carlos Beltran that took a called strike three from one of the nastiest curveballs in MLB Postseason history that ended the Mets 2006 season. Many Mets fans still blame him for that and are still blind to the more important fact: Carlos Beltran was the best outfielder in Mets history – by far! And the Mets couldn’t afford to keep him.

You can’t blame that one on Obama, but you can certainly point the finger at the Wilpons, who consistently prove they have no right owning a major league franchise, especially one in New York. New York City – perhaps the most influential and significant city in the world – is home to a team that can’t afford to keep one of the best players in MLB postseason history. How sad. But what’s even sadder is that this trend will continue as long as the Wilpons own the team.

1381556280000-G1-Dodgers-Cardinals14[1]The worst part is the spin that comes from this team regarding low bleak the situation really is and how many fans actually fall for it. The media is powerful. They tell you what to think, like it or not, and most fans are too blind with optimism to see the manipulation.

The Mets trade the best outfielder they’ve ever had for an unproven minor league pitcher who’ll probably amount to a perennial September “shut down” and Mets fans think it’s a good trade. The Mets trade a reigning Cy Young Award winner for minor league prospects and the “catcher of the future who can’t hit” and Mets fans think it’s a good trade. The Mets trade their only 2013 outfield producer to Pittsburgh who becomes a big reason why the Pirates had their first winning season in 20 years for an insignificant minor league relief pitcher and Mets fans think it’s a good trade. Don’t be fooled! And most importantly, remember the mantra that EVERY single winning organization has followed since the beginning of baseball’s modern era:

You don’t trade PROVEN Superstar major league talent for prospects! EVER!…  E – V – E – R !!!!

Now we all get the reason why Sandy Alderson was forced to make these ridiculous trades: it’s the precarious financial position of Mets ownership. They simply don’t have the money to spend for superstar major league talent. Am I calling Carlos Beltran a “superstar”? You bet! As is R. A. Dickey. At least when they let Jose Reyes go, they knew he was a loser (he’s taken down 2 other teams since), but how nice would it be to have Beltran in the outfield at CitiField, where he belongs?

All because the Wilpons didn’t think they had the money to resign him… or R.A. Dickey… or Marlon Byrd… and it’ll be the reason why they won’t (and can’t) sign any free agents that are difference makers in the offseason, and also the same reason why they won’t be taking any chances on Jose Abreu from Cuba as well. Get thoughts of 2014 and beyond out of your mind – we warned you about that months ago!

When the Yankees need outfield help, they trade minor league scrubs for a future Hall of Fame outfielder who holds the MLB record for hits in a season. (Yeah, that worked out well for Seattle, didn’t it?). When the Mets have the worst outfield in baseball, they trade their best outfielder of the bunch who’ll eventually cost them money to resign and replace him with Matt Den Dekker. Really?!?

hp-a-bigdata-moneyball[1]And don’t let all this talk of “Moneyball” fool you either. While it makes for a good fictional movie, Moneyball clearly does not work in the real world, at least if you want to win. Sure it’ll get you a team that may “compete”, but if you want to “win”, you better start to open your wallet, because unlike what many “pie in the sky” optimists want to believe, money definitely wins you championships. Right or wrong, you can thank George Steinbrenner for that.

Need proof? The Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, and Cardinals – all the teams currently still alive for the 2013 World Series Championship – are 4 of the top 6 payroll teams in baseball. I think that’s a convincer, don’t you?

And speaking of Los Angeles, just about 2 years ago the Dodgers were a laughingstock of an organization and had an owner who couldn’t even make payroll, much less spend top dollar for superstar talent. Baseball forced the sale of the team to a deep-pocketed investor group who spent money, made significant trades, and took on millions in contract money. Today they’re playing Game 2 of the National League Championship Series. That’s less than a two year period of time!

How pathetic are the Mets? In that same two year period, Mets fans are still debating whether or not Lucas Duda can hit major league pitching. Oh the pain!

You shouldn’t be in rebuilding mode every 8 years, especially in NY! The “bright future” you keep hearing about from the Mets and their biased blog writers is all contrived. It can’t happen without money. It’s unacceptable that a team from New York can’t afford to spend money to sign and keep superstar players like Carlos Beltran.

This has been going on far too long without an end in sight with the Wilpons at the helm. The verdict is in and it’s not a good one for Mets fans, who are perpetually sentenced to endure year upon year of watching ex-Mets and real baseball players compete for other teams in postseason after postseason with fans wondering “Why can’t the Mets get this guy?” over and over again – all while the Wilpons laugh at you for paying the $20 parking fee for those stupid enough to attend home games at CitiField.

Major League Baseball has to take notice as they did with the Dodgers, because it’s good for baseball to have good teams in New York City. As Princess Leia once said in Star Wars: “Help us Mark Cuban, you’re our only hope!“.

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