Mother’s Day Lesson: The Mets are Watchable 20% of the Time

Way back in Spring Training, Mets fans were looking at the team’s starting pitching as one of the team’s strengths heading into the season. You had Harvey, Niese, Gee, Santana, Marcum, and a variety of wannabees such as Hefner, Edgin, and McHugh. In very short time, we all found out this team has no strong points and many of these pitchers are in reality outright pretenders.

When Marcum went down, you had “Harvey, Niese, Gee, Santana, then slip on a banana”. When Santana went down, it became “Harvey, Niese, Gee, and let’s wait and see”. Then as Gee continued to be shelled, we all started saying “Harvey and Niese, then call the police”. And finally, now that Niese has been exposed as a borderline major league starter, it’s more like “Harvey, rain, and the rest is pain”. So out of a starting rotation of 5 pitchers, there’s only one reason to watch a Mets game as the team is constituted today, and that is to watch Matt Harvey. Simple math tells you one out of five is 20%. The good news is today was a 20 percenter day – and the Mets still lost.

helprunsupportHappy Mothers Day! In another game that Matt Harvey deserved to win, the Mets bats were silent and the lack of run support for Harvey reared its ugly head once again. Even though Harvey didn’t have his “best stuff”, he still only allowed two runs in 7 innings of work, which would be considered stellar outings for anyone else on this staff.

Harvey has gone on record saying he wants to win NOW and many are considering this mental makeup as a sign that he’s the real deal – which he really is. But this mindset isn’t necessarily a positive point for the Mets and here’s why: this kid is getting less offensive support than the putrid performances the team used to put up for Johan Santana when he was good. We’ve already proven the fact the Mets have no shot whatsoever from even being good for at least a decade – how much more of this can someone with a “win-now” attitude take?

He has to know what’s going on with this team, right? Be honest. If YOU were Matt Harvey, wouldn’t you be looking for any reason to bolt this team for one that can score some runs? (I mean really, wouldn’t it be great to be CC Sabathia and get 5.71 runs per game support?)

So there you have it. A 20% day where the Mets can’t get runs for a “win-now” type of pitcher against a team that hasn’t had a winning record for the past 19 years. At least the game was close and watchable, if you take away the Ike Davis at-bats. But today’s game was no present for Mom, and if logic dictates, even these 20% days will be gone in a few years when Matt Harvey gets sick of 2-1 no-decisions and signs with the Yankees or Dodgers.

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