Phillies Bully Helpless Mets with Weekend Road Sweep

The Phillies should be ashamed of themselves. Weren’t we all taught at a very young age not to bully and not to take advantage of those unfortunate? Well this weekend, the Phillies walked into town and kicked the baseball equivalent of sand onto the 95 pound weakling Mets, helpless to do anything but sit back and take the bullying like the scrawny lightweights that they are.

Abbotts_Beach_final-art[1]Ryan Howard especially should be most ashamed. He could have continued his season long home run and rbi draught ( he entered the series with just 1 dinger and 9 rbis all year), but instead he saw what the Mets were parading as a pitching staff and decided to hit .300 going yard with a monster shot that probably still hasn’t landed to go along with 7 rbis in the 3-game set. Totally uncalled for and he should be reprimanded by the Commissioners office for blatantly taking advantage of our beloved Mets.

And come on Phillies, did you have to win each game by at least 4 runs, making just about every one of these games completely unwatchable? I mean that’s totally wrong. Couldn’t they have given the Mets just a little idea that maybe they could squeak out one victory (or at least be in the game in the ninth inning for another improbable miracle walk off)?

No. Charlie Manuel had to manage his team towards the Mets humiliation. Did he not know that Terry Collins was in the opposing dugout, lifting his second best pitcher and putting in right-hander Scott Atchison to face the lefty hitting Howard at a key moment of the game? Clearly Manuel must have known who his adversary in the dugout was and he managed ruthlessly to win the game anyway. Where’s the feeling of accomplishment in that?

Cole Hamels hadn’t won a game all year and was pitching to a 5.40 era. The fact that he decided to beat up on Mets hitters today was unforgiveable knowing full well that the Mets barely field a major league capable offensive batting order. Seriously, kicking sand in the Mets face isn’t bad enough, he couldn’t even issue a heartfelt apology at the post-game conference?

And just because David Wright got a hit to drive in a run in today’s game doesn’t mean Hamels had to brush him back with a fastball at his head! Just because he knows the Mets reputation as bullied losers and that there would be no retaliation on the part of the Mets doesn’t mean he has the right to throw inside like that. That’s just kicking sand right in your face to another level. And he shouldn’t be proud of that.

It’s really not fair how the Phillies figured out Lucas Duda and held it against him in the 3-game series either. Other teams are nice. They toss softballs to Duda and let him hit them. No, what do the Phillies do? They try to figure him out and adjust accordingly, forcing Duda into an embarrassing 1-for-9 that was even worse than that sounds. There’s no reason to treat him like that. The Phillies definitely need to be investigated for behavior such as this!

And why were Philly pitchers throwing so hard to Mike Baxter, Ike Davis, Colin Cowgill, Marlon Byrd, and Jordany Valdespin? They know these guys can’t hit, can’t they at least issue an intentional walk or something just to get them on base sometimes instead of pitching tough when they know they can get these hitters out whenever they want to in the first place? That’s just a clear cut case of the cowardly bully if you ask me.

Kyle Kendrick also has a lot of explaining to due after his 4-0 shutout performance on Friday night. A complete game shutout? Kyle Kendrick? It’s bad enough the Mets have just 2 legitimate starting pitchers in their entire organization, Kyle Kendrick has to throw that in their faces? Kendrick could have taken it easy on the Mets pathetic batting order knowing his opponent Dillon Gee would self-implode after approximately five innings like he always does. But instead, he stuck it to the Mets, beat them up badly, and the Mets never recovered for the entire weekend. Bullying at its worst… and the Phillies actually feel like they accomplished something this weekend.

All they did was show what bullies they are. When was the last time you beat up on someone you know you could have? It’s an outrage and they should be ashamed of themselves to the utmost degree. Lastly, with the weekend sweep to a sub-.500 team that the Phillies STILL are, the Mets probably officially signaled the end of their hopes of playing .500 ball for the entire season. So long, .500 – we hardly knew ye.

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