Terry Collins, Super Genius

… I like the way that rolls out: “Terry Collins … Superrrrr Geniussss”. That’s the only way we can summarize the events of Saturday’s 4-2 Mets victory over the Twins in Minnesota. Before gametime, just about everyone looked at the lineup card, scratched their heads and thought “What was Terry thinking?!?!” – but he sure got the last laugh and proved everyone wrong about doubting his baseball “hunches”. Here’s why:

Despite the way Jordany Valdespin has been hitting the ball, Collins benched him in favor of the .148 hitting Collin Cowgill. Cowgill delivered a key single in the 4-run fifth to drive in a run. Terry: 1, Mets Fans: 0

Then there was the issue of batting Justin Turner in the DH position rather than putting him on the field. Turner went 3 for 4, scored a run, and is now hitting .467. Terry: 2, Mets Fans: 0.

Collins also decided to move the season-slumping Ike Davis down in the order despite the pressure to remain with a consistent lineup. Davis got a hit and didn’t strikeout in the entire game! Terry: 3, Mets Fans: 0.

No one really understood why Terry wanted to get Justin Turner at-bats in this game, but if he had to play Turner, why not put him at second base and let Daniel Murphy DH instead? Seemed like a logical question. But not only did Murphy get 2 hits in the game, he also had a couple of nice defensive plays as well. Terry: 4, Mets Fans: 0.

Similarily, many fans wanted to see Marlon Byrd get a days rest after looking a bit lackadaisical the other day. Instead, Terry batted him sixth and he responded with a solo dinger. Terry: 5, Mets Fans: 0.

Matt Harvey was pitching a no-hitter and mowing down Twins hitters until being lifted after 8 innings of 1-run, 3-hit ball looking fantastic once again. Yet many Mets fans wanted to see him pitch a complete game. Terry went to the bullpen for Bobby Parnell who “only” allowed 1 run and almost gave the game back to the Twins – but he didn’t and picked up his first save of the season. (He entered the game with a 3-run lead and got a save – NOW do you know why we consider the “save” a ridiculous stat?! Please!). Terry: 6, Mets Fans: 0.

So we ask you: Did Terry Collins use Michael J. Fox’s Delorean time machine from “Back to the Future” and know exactly what would transpire before this game even happened? Or is he just a “Super Genius” that we Mets fans need to give a little more slack to when he’s making his usual hair-brained strategic moves?

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