#VoteMets Hashtag Morphs to Reveal Fan’s Reaction to Disastrous Loss

This could only happen to the Mets. Fan’s were buzzing in anticipation as yesterday’s Mets game featured Zach Wheeler’s first home start. The team had come off a convincing win against the Nats the previous night, and the grounds crew had just finished stenciling in the hashtag #VoteMets directly behind home plate in an attempt to promote the upcoming All-Star Game to be held at CitiField.

Then fate took over. After a dominating first inning where Wheeler K’ed the first 2 batters he faced, the wheelers fell off the “feel good” bandwagon as Washington put up 4 runs in the second inning, quickly quieting the largest Sunday crowd of the season. What started out as cheers eventually turned into wishes of heavy rain to cancel the game. Instead, it rained just enough to be annoying, but not enough to stop the game.

BOC5_trCYAEORWv[1]As the game continued and the fans reaction sickened, a strange thing began to develop behind the plate. Through the normal wear and tear of the game, the promotional hashtag began to morph. First the “te” after “Vote” began to disappear. Then the “e” in “Mets” got a bit slanted. Next thing you know, fate determined the fans overall state of mind as the hashtag transformed to display “VoMits”.

Which was certainly true as you couldn’t find anyone in the place that didn’t feel sick to their stomachs resulting from the Mets performance in the 13-2 debacle. It’s no wonder fans where leaving the game mumbling “hashtag vomit, hashtag vomit, hashtag vomit” under their breath. The Mets totaled 5 measly hits and a meaningless 2 run homer by John Buck, who continues to become this season’s version of former Met Rod Barajas. When fans in attendance start chanting “Thole… Thole… Thole…” you know you’re slumping!

Maybe slumping isn’t the right word. Maybe he’s just bad. That’s more like it – like the entire team makes you want to vomit. #TheHashTagKnows

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