We’re BACK… and with a Vengeance

We just can’t take it anymore! Over the past 4 months since we’ve shut the site down, we’ve been reading article after article from a variety of different Mets related blogs and news sources and have come to the following conclusion: EVERYONE is living in fantasyland when it comes to this team.

Duda’s an upcoming star… Captain Kirk is good enough to be the centerfielder… signing a non-superstar to superstar money is good… trading away a reigning Cy Young award winner for prospects makes sense… the team’s minor league system is solid… getting Justin Upton and/or Micheal Bourn makes a difference… losing Reyes was a bad deal… Roy Oswalt would make a great closer… The list of insanities goes on and on, and we’ll tackle each point in future posts from a realistic point of view.

Why do we “tell it like it is”? Because we have absolutely no affiliation with any organization, player, sponsor, team, or anything! We don’t care if we never get a chance to interview Ike Davis on the field. We’re not looking for invites to the Mets team dinner. We really don’t care who we offend or write controversial things about because our take is real, and completely unbiased. Many Mets fansites and blogs are either 1) sponsored by some huge corporate entity and are essentially the “voice of the team”, or 2) authors who write ridiculously naive things just to stay on the team’s good side in hopes of getting press passes or some other perk as a result of blind devotion. We’re seeing that more and more these days and it’s time for a change.

That’s why we’re back – to give Mets fans a real take on what’s going on. So sit back, subscribe to the site feed, and prepare to maybe read some things you may not want to see as a fan of the New York Mets.

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