What Goes Unnoticed About the Mets Subway Series Sweep

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the air just seems much cleaner to breathe today. If nothing else good happens for the rest of the year, Mets fans can bask in the glory of the Mets Subway Series sweep over the Yankees. I have no idea how it happened – it just did – and for Mets fans with little to cheer about over the past few years, it definitely gave us all a big jolt of MetsFanitus that will last us over the upcoming months of who knows what.

metsunderdogSure, we’re all surprised about the “sweep”. We always hear about the “mystique and aura” that the Yankees irrationally claim to possess. But what goes unnoticed about the entire Subway Series over all these years is one simple fact: The Mets have NEVER lost a game to the Yankees as a better team. Never! Not a single game! Every time the Mets have lost a game to the Yankees they have always been the underdog, and many times, a prohibitive underdog.

The Mets overall record in Subway Series’ since MLB started interleague play is 40-53. In other words, a generally pathetic Mets team has beaten the mighty Yankees over 43% of the time! Think about it: That’s a bad Mets team consistently playing a good Yankees team. There’s no question that the Yankees have always been a better team on paper and on the field during this period of time. Talk about under-achieving on the Yankees part!

So the next time you hear a Yankee fan making excuses for their 4-game sweep at the hands of the Mets, tell them that’s what happens when you play a team you should beat! I mean really, the Yankees? How can you root for a team that can’t even beat the Mets six out of ten games?

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