Who’s to Blame for Boneheaded Loss: Valdespin, Murphy, or …. ?

In case you missed it yesterday, the Mets lost again to the Phillies in Philly by a 7-3 score, but just about everyone is still talking about the boneheaded play that occurred in the fifth inning with the Mets still somewhat in the game.

danger13[1]With one out in the fifth and the Mets trailing 5-2 at the time, the Mets had runners on second and third with one out due to Jordany Valdespin’s bunt single, Daniel Murphy’s walk, and a wild pitch moving the runners over. In other words, the Mets had a rally going. The bottom line was Daniel Murphy was doubled off at second when Ike Davis hit a soft fly ball to centerfield in a play that can only happen to the Mets it seems. As a result of the foolishness, no runs scored on the play. Well, what did you expect?

So who’s to blame? Was it Daniel Murphy – who should have known the ball would be caught as any little leaguer would have known? Clearly, Murphy wasn’t thinking. Or maybe he was thinking too much. Either way, a player of his experience needs to know better and react better in similar plays in the future.

Was it Jordany Valdespin – who nonchalantly trotted home tagging up from third base never expecting to be required to actually “run” before Murphy was doubled off? No one likes a player that doesn’t hustle at all times, right? But a run is a run, especially in what would have been a two run game, despite how many runs the Mets bullpen would give back in future innings.

Everyone seems to be focused on these two culprits. But let me ask you this: can we blame the Captain David Wright, who struck out looking foolish in yet another at-bat that many may consider a “clutch situation”? After all, didn’t the Mets sign Wright to a monster contract expecting production in situations like these?

Or can we blame the .129 hitting Ike Davis, who just by hitting the ball surprised the entire ballpark (and probably Murphy as well!)? There’s no question Ike needs some kind of attitude adjustment because when John Buck stops hitting, Ike’s zero production is going to become more of an issue than it already is right now.

Can we blame starting pitcher Jeremy Hefner – who took the Mets right out of the game from the start with a horrific 5-run first inning? After all, facing a 5-0 deficit on the road with the Mets being the offensive juggernaut that they are pretty much doomed the team from the get-go, rendering the fifth inning irrelevant anyway?

And finally, can we blame Terry Collins for his lackadaisical leadership and inconsistent managerial decisions? Our take takes us back to the Bible saying: “when much is given, much is expected”.

I don’t expect managerial genius from Terry Collins. I didn’t expect Jeremy Hefner to pitch well against this Philly lineup. I didn’t expect David Wright to come through in that situation. I didn’t expect anything except a strikeout from Ike Davis. I didn’t expect Valdespin to score anyway. And I certainly didn’t expect Daniel Murphy to try and take an extra case in any situation! Low expectations are the key to enjoying Mets games this season.

The fact is the Mets just aren’t a talented enough team to comeback big to win road games against the likes of the Phillies, which makes placing the blame on ANYONE in this case a moot point. And that’s a given!


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